So you've got this great website where people are posting their car for sale. And of course, you allow your clients to upload the pictures of their cars. But 2 main problem occur.

1) Clients upload huge picture of their car (> 2MB) in all sort of shape and size(aspect ratio).
2) Some clients don't have photo to upload.

PictoPHP will help you solve those 2 problems in a flash!

1) Picture upload solution

When the client upload his picture, PictoPHP will automatically resize, crop, compress and make a thumbnail of the original file using pre-established settings. (Using the control panel). GO ahead try it now :

Initial file size : 285 kB
Resized file size : 28 kB
Thumbnail file size : 4 kB

Resized/Crop image
Thumbnail image

You can easily implement PictoPHP and make it work for every new uploaded image on your website.

2) Automatically create picture database

Now let's say one of your client just posted an ad to sell his 2007 blue Chevrolet Camaro but didn't have any picture to upload with his ad. In that case, you defenitively should have a 'default picture' database in which you store an image or two of each Make and Model of the cars that are beeing listed on your website. (Or maybe even by Year/Color/Trim).

PictoPHP enables you to build that database in a flash! (in 2 clicks actually)

The fastest solution is to use PHP and dynamically create links to match each car image that you are missing. Ex:

Or use the toolbar

Resized/Crop image
Thumbnail image

Within two single click, PictoPHP has found, crop, resized and copied the image you were looking for!

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